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Best Breeds of House Cat for Preventing Cat Allergies

Do you suffer from cat allergies, but still want to own a cat? Here, our Greensboro veterinarians reveal different cat breeds that should are less likely to trigger sneezes. 

Can I still own a cat if I have allergies?

Being a cat lover with allergies can leave you with conflicting emotions - while you love furry bundles of joy, you don’t love the allergy symptoms that come with them. Fortunately, some house cat breeds are known to be significantly less likely to cause your allergies to act up.

While it’s still critical to choose a cat that’s compatible with your lifestyle, these cat breeds may be a fit for your lifestyle, your personality - and your allergies.


The Balinese breed’s athleticism, playfulness and loving nature will win big points with owners who love cat snuggles. They tend to attune to their owners’ moods and will attempt to cheer your up when you’re down.

Keep in mind that they can be quite sensitive - trying to correct bad behavior by scolding your Balinese can cause them to feel hurt. Fun fact: Balinese are closely related to Siamese cats.


This devoted and incredibly playful breed is child-like in its mischievousness. Expect to see this cat running and leaping through the air, scaling your bookshelves and even climbing your doorways.

Sphynx are a hairless breed - what they lack in fur, they make up for in purrs as they follow you happily around the house. But be aware that they will expect your constant attention - only because they return as much love to their humans as you give to them.

Russian Blue

Though this breed is reserved around strangers, their humans will enjoy their playfulness and affection. Their quiet, polite and well-behaved (for a cat) nature makes the Russian Blue rather easy to train.

However, you should know that Russian Blues are very particular when it comes to their routine and will likely let you know they’re displeased if their dinner schedule, household or litter box changes.

Plus: They’re always smiling and dignified.


Known for their problem-solving skills, their love for toys and games, and their affinity for curling up with their humans, Siberians are ideal lap cats.

Mentally, they are intelligent, expressive and people-oriented. Don’t be surprised when they greet you at your door and ask about your day - then tell you about theirs. While not the largest cat, Siberians are agile animals who will leap over your tallest bookcases.


Though they may look wild, these energetic felines are notably intelligent - a combination that makes them a truly special feline companion. Many owners also rave about their loud personalities and playful antics.

Another loyal and athletic breed, Bengals have an affinity for running water. You’ll find these cats are fascinated by water, whether you spot them sticking a paw under a faucet or suddenly leaping into a bath.

Have more questions about cat breeds or allergies? Our veterinarians can offer insight and advice about choosing a breed that fits your needs and lifestyle. Book an appointment today.

Best House Cats for Allergies, Greensboro Vet

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