Good Training Goes a Long Way Toward Staying Out of Trouble

An important part of every checkup is the time we dedicate to talking to you about any behavioral issues you may be having with your pet. Our veterinarians will offer suggestions on how to train your pet so that he or she stays out of trouble and grows into an obedient member of your family.

New puppies are most commonly in need of good, basic training. They not only need to be house trained, but they also need to learn simple commands like “stay” and “leave it,” commands that could one day save their life. They need to learn to chew only their own toys and to walk with a leash without pulling or barking. All of that can seem daunting, but if taken one step at a time, your puppy will be well trained before you know it.

When you bring your new puppy to us for his checkup, we will be happy to give you suggestions for achieving all of the above, and more. We will also talk to you about the importance of crate training your puppy. We believe that crate training offers the following benefits:

  • Provides security and safety for your puppy
  • Helps to prevent your pet from chewing on your belongings when you are not at home
  • Speeds up house training

If your are housebreaking a new puppy, we recommend the following:

  • When you take your puppy out of the crate, IMMEDIATELY take him or her outside to the approved potty area.
  • Be consistent with feeding times, go-potty phrases, outdoor access after being crated, and even which door you use to go outside.
  • Always use high quality, low fiber puppy food and always provide fresh, clean water.
  • Feed the evening meal early enough to allow your dog time to eliminate completely and give your dog quiet time before bed so he or she doesn’t have to drink a lot immediately before bed.
  • Be consistent in crating your puppy at bedtime.