Your Pet is Our First Priority

Rest assured, Guilford-Jamestown Veterinary Hospital will take good care of your pet, from “nose to tail.” Our top-notch veterinarians and caring staff make sure every pet receives the finest care possible. We offer many veterinary services, including:

  • Veterinary surgery —We treat every surgical procedure with the same care and attention, whether it’s a simple spay or neuter or a more serious procedure like a removal of a foreign object from the stomach. Our team also utilizes precision laser technology to provide top quality surgeries for every pet.
  • Laboratory diagnostics —Our on-site laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and technology so that we can get results quickly and accurately.
  • Pet dental care —Your pet’s teeth are a vital part of overall health. We can help make sure his or her teeth and gums are clean and healthy.
  • Internal medicine —For pets with chronic or serious medical conditions, we are here to help them with just the right treatment and medication.
  • Nutritional counseling —From puppies and kittens all the way through the golden years, we will guide you in choosing just the right diet for your pet that will help keep him or her happy, healthy, and active.
  • Behavior training —Puppies aren’t the only ones who need training—new pet owners need training, too. We can help train both you and your pet so the whole family can sit, stay, and roll over together.
  • Pet wellness exams—Be sure to bring your pet to us for his or her annual checkup. Preventive care is the best way to ensure your pet stays healthy all year long.